Mozzarella (Lyrics) Yung Gravy & Lil Keed Lyrics

Mozzarella (Lyrics) Yung Gravy & Lil Keed Lyrics 

​d.a. got that dope
Woo, woo, woo
Yeah-yeah, woah, yeah-yeah, ayy, yeah-yeah, ayy
Ayo-ya, ayy, woo, woo, ayy, yo-ya
Woo, ayy, uh

Ayy, I feel like I'm Prince when I’m back in Minnesota (Bitch)
Green and red Gucci on me, feeling like the Joker (Woo)
Feel like Chief Keef when I'm riding in a Rover (Ayy)
I feel like I'm you every time your bitch come over
I’m back in the kitchen (Yeah), shit on you like I'm a pigeon (Yeah)
From my position, I got too many decisions (Ayy, ayy)
Should I fuck Nina or Tina (Tina), my life like a mission
Smash your bitch, "911, there's been a collision", ayy, ayy
I'm losing my vision (Yeah), wrist just won't stop glistenin'
Let's fuck in the whip, just got the Porschе, I still got it krissin' (Krissin’)
Sippin’ the wine, getting brеad, feel like a Christian
Bitch, it's Yung Gravy, I got the sauce by definition

Get money, stack bread
Fuck with me ’til I'm dead
Stack cheese, mozzarella
Make it rain
Make 'em need umbrellas

[Verse 2: Lil Keed]
Yeah, I feel like that motherfuckin' man when I hop in the Rover (Rover)
Yeah, I give her some band, that bitch is Ashoka (Ashoka)
These fuckers don’t give me hand, that nigga bogus
I guess that I'll check it back later, now I'm out of soda (Let's go)
Stood on the corner, but lotta of you niggas you envy me now, you ain't never show love
Man, I look at it like we treatin' niggas like some Maybach Kirkland, they could never see us
Turnin' shit on every minute of the hour, it's daily and monthly and yearly with us
Don't hesitate to go on them pickin' if you're playin' if you're really with us
Ayy, I wanna hear gun sounds (Brr, brr)
I can hear money countin' (Skrt, skrt)
I just see bustdown
Don't sell secrets, bitch, I might keep you 'round
Sound like trump on 'em, when that choppa out

Get money, stack bread (Slatt, slatt, slatt)
Fuck with me 'til I'm dead
Stack cheese, mozzarella
Make it rain
Make 'em need umbrellas

I got that baseball bat, yeah, I'm feeling like I'm next
Feel like Barry Bonds, running home with that check
Call that girl Louis V slugger when she wet, yeah
I throw that dick, she bounce that ass back, got me blunt
I whip a Tesla with no hands, got this bitch on autopilot
Got your hoe there give me top, like she tryna start a riot (Riot)
Fuck a TV show, I got more stripes, my hoes exotic
Got 'em gettin' erratic 'cause my project, but I ain't even dropped it


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