HEART / 12 MONTHS (Lyrics) hako (UK) Lyrics

HEART / 12 MONTHS (Lyrics) hako (UK) Lyrics 

[Part I: HEART]

Why don't you start on me?
Come to my heart
Ride with me
I know it makes you feel alive

Can't feel no love from me
You called me soft, now I get it
I'm out here makin' up songs about love
And I swear to God, I regret it
Part of me hopes that you're happy
But other parts think if you're sad, I might make it
Might make it in your heart, yeah
It's been 'bout three months and I'm still obsessed with you
Been 'bout six months and I'm still obsessed with you
I cannot feel my lips, I'm goin' out sad for you
Yeah, am I a man if I kill myself for [?]? Yeah

Am I a man if I kill myself for [?]? Yeah

[Part II: 12 MONTHS]

[Verse 1]
Fuck the mills', I need respect on my name
Twelve months rapping, I'm so nеw to this game
A year ago without you, I'm the samе me again
Last week, you said you'd always need me
Whole shit a setup, a mislead
I can't even tell if you miss me

[Verse 2]
Let it sizzle, make it hot
Let me breathe 'fore I drop
Let me sign your name on letters 'fore I fall for a second
Don't take the blame, but just take it for once, girl
Let me broken, pieces shattered
Fuck the "me" for a bit, does it matter?
I can't even trust the perfect guy after you
I don't even want no girl after you (Oh-oh, oh)


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