TRICKIN’ (Lyrics) DaBaby Lyrics

TRICKIN’ (Lyrics) DaBaby Lyrics 

Lyrics TRICKIN’ DaBaby Lyrics 

❌⭐ lyrics of the song TRICKIN’ DaBaby 

Fuckin' and pullin' her hair (He's heating up)

[Verse 1]
We were just fuckin' in the bed last time
She wanna get hit in the chair (Yeah)
She just went gotta wax, so you know we gon' act, I can wait she here
I make she drip down the legs like [?] (Yeah)
Drip down the legs like [?] (Ooh)
He was just head over heels about her 'til he figured out it wasn't fair
He was over there drippin' the diamonds Chanel
Drippin' the diamonds Chanеls
Me and her werе just in the cut the other day
We were stuck in and no one was there
I was in the bitch diggin' down on the stairs (Mm)
Diggin' her down on the stairs (Yeah)
She didn't told him, she was celibate, nigga was payin' her to be her man
He didn't even know that the bitch is a player

Trickin' (Ah)
Trickin', all these nigga' trickin'
Trickin', trickin' real good
Trickin', all these nigga' trickin'
Trickin', trickin' real good

[Verse 2]
Since I ain't even got a trick, I'ma let a friend do it (Yeah)
She said she like sucking my dick 'cause it make you feel good, yeah
I fucked your bitch back then and, nigga, I still could
Don't play with me, the dashboard in my bulletproof made of real boot
Pullin' up by myself, I whip it
I hop out like in an all blue [?], niggas might think I'm Crippin'
My bankroll full of them big blue C notes, nigga, don't play 'bout business (Mm)
Lookin' for his bitch like Finding Nemo, nigga, don't think I'm swimmin'
She with the sharks while this real nigga

Trickin', trickin'
Trickin', trickin' real good
Trickin', all these niggas, they trickin'
They trickin', he trickin' real good

Bitch-ass nigga, he trickin' real good
Yeah, he gon' give you all his money if you make him feel good, yeah
Better walk up on him now, make him feel special, mmm
Tell him fuck that baby Benz, you need that Tesla, cut these niggas
Trickin', all these nigga' trickin'
Trickin', they trickin' real good
Trickin', they trickin'
They trickin', he trickin' real good

Nigga, bitch
Trickin', they trickin' real good


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