FLAWS (Lyrics) ❌ NLE Choppa Lyrics

FLAWS (Lyrics) ❌ NLE Choppa Lyrics

Lyrics FLAWS ❌ NLE Choppa Lyrics

⭐❌ lyrics of the song FLAWS ❌ NLE Choppa FT Rob49

FLAWS (Lyrics)

[Intro: Jasmine Thompson]
Captured effortlessly
That's the way it was
Happened so naturally
Did not know it was love

[Verse 1: Rob49]
Now tell me why you did that?
Tryna throw that baby on a nigga to get your get back
I told you we was way too young but you ain't hear that
And you ain't wanted to
You know when you call bitch, I'm still slidin' through
How you let these project issues get in between us?
You know when it's water and it's warm, I hold my heat up
We did some badass shit that I can't speak of
I ain't have enough, I was gone in with my [?]
How the fuck I'm young and I'm rich, what I just told you?
I was down to push it to size, ‘cause you my homie
They said I wasn't workin' enough, I put my all in
I know we gon' die by that V, that's why I love them
Doin' this on purpose, I can't liе to me it's working
Demons talking to me and I think it's gеtting worse
But God I'm your son, I ain't fall off of my worship
The only reason I be doing this, they try to hurt it
I don't think nobody love me better
I be trying to close my eyes and talk to bro in heaven
But how you go to heaven when you sinning?
I done did a lot and I just pray the Lord forgive me
I don't think nobody love me better
Ever never trust, I said fuck them with these bitches
You better not be fucking with these niggas
Cause I'm getting money, and you know your nigga different

[Chorus: NLE Choppa]
Ain't nobody, fuck you better than me
Got you coming, make you feel this way
Ain't nobody, fuck you better than me
Got you coming, make you feel this way

[Post-Chorus: NLE Choppa & Rob49]
Hope you do right by me, even though I did
Accept my flaws when I need, cause I know it's worth it

[Verse 2: NLE Choppa]
Hey, I was fuckin' with you way back then
We had some problems between each other, man, that shit wasn't really nothing
We was once lovers before friends
Felt like I met you in my past life, skipped the talking stage
Rest in to it, I can see you with another man
That's the honest to God truth, even though your trust fucked up
I can't even blame you much
Caught up with such and such, tryna treat her like a nut
Run away from my spot, while I found you on the block
Used to let you hold my Glock, told you what's mine is yours
You get whatever I got, but some
How you moved on

[Chorus: NLE Choppa]
Ain't nobody, fuck you better than me
Got you coming, make you feel this way
Ain't nobody, fuck you better than me
Got you coming, make you feel this way


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