England (Lyrics) Ed Sheeran Lyrics

England (Lyrics) Ed Sheeran Lyrics 

Lyrics England - Ed Sheeran Lyrics

❌⭐ lyrics of the song England Ed Sheeran

It is opening day and a brand new start 
The stones have been cleared around the fisherman’s hut
And the air bites, then leaves almost invisible cuts 
On the skin
A lighthouse retired, but a new one was hired
About 20 foot taller painted in black and white 
Twenty million steps with a computer inside
Instead of him

Only one road sign
Telling cars to slow down
And a long drop in the ocean
Beware of the rip tide
Broken glass and train lines
It’s a new day, and this is England 

Next to the pub with the flag that’s working flexible hours
There’s a mismatch of carriages, soil in a boat for some flowers 
Fairy lights on a building that’s supplying us power
From the sea
Electricity lines flow like veins to the town
In between there is nothing but grass and pebbles on the ground
Do not enter the wild here if you want to be found
For the free

View the flame of sunrise
Cut in half by the sky
And the empty of the desert 
Team of birds that swerve by
And then land on the wires
It’s a new day, and this is England 

When it’s time to escape from the heavy of this 
There is nothing like washing away
I find this country of mine gets a bad reputation
Of being cold and grey 
But on the coast of the south, to the east followed round
I find serenity I’ve never felt 
There’s a peace and a quiet in this island of ours
That can’t be mirrored by anywhere else 

Homes protruding from stones with their wood coloured black
Scattered cars in a line, steam rising out the shack
One door at the front and then just glass out the back
For the view

And the blue is so bright
You need shades for your eyes
And a cable to pull over
Take a walk and feel like
Everything will be fine
It’s a new day, and this is England


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