Thinking Hurts (Lyrics) J.I.

Thinking Hurts (Lyrics) J.I. 

Lyrics Thinking Hurts - J.I. 

lyrics of the song Thinking Hurts - J.I. 

I admit I could’ve been better to Tiffany she poured out her heart to me and I was never listening there’s another girl and honestly I can’t mention her name I fucked and dipped to get her from when she dubbed me back in the day.There’s certain females that I might probably forget but not my ex cause she’s the dirtiest bitch that I ever met . You just a shadow in the background karma is a bitch and now I laugh because your fat now, and that ain’t something that I wished for you next Time don’t hurt the person who’s loving you unconditional there was this girl I used to wanna fuck until I fucked her .I caught the chocha n disappeared i was moving stuck up. She made me wait years for this moment who cares if I’m fucked up ? I’ll call you later on if I need you to suck some nut up always insecure about your body trynna suck ya gut up. Please stop doing that you’re sexy and you fuckin kno it . I uplifted myself when they put me down at my lowest . I battle demons everyday but I don’t fucking show it .
 You’re fucked up just like me but you fucked up letting me notice . You’re fucked up just like me but you fucked up letting me notice . You’re fucked up just like me but you fucked up letting me notice . 

Interlude : don’t call my phone … please 
 Verse 2 : you look ugly when you crying look the other way . I ain’t no hero shawty I ain’t come to save ya day . You quick to piss me off . You quick to tick me off . I rather not come around so I choose to stay away . Cause I don’t kno why I chased your love. You too quick to replace my love with another’s . Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a couple others yea yea yea 
Ima take the chance to say I’m sorry if I misleaded you  I do fucked up shit but only cause I got some reasons to , and I really believed in you when you said the words I needed you so call me 3 times and I’ll be available like beetle juice . Right now I’m in Brooklyn thinking bout this chick from London she got a brown face with long hair she had everything I wanted . Or what about the other one in Amsterdam she too official she don’t make a scene she not a camera man . 

Here’s some advice.. if your fucked up just like me don’t fuck up letting me notice.
If your fucked up just like me don’t fuck up letting me notice


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