DeadGame (Lyrics) Kenzo B - LYRICS

DeadGame (Lyrics) Kenzo B - LYRICS

Lyrics DeadGame - Kenzo B - LYRICS

lyrics of the song DeadGame - Kenzo B 

DeadGame Lyrics

You know Borleone shot this shit
Grrah (Grrah-Grrah)
Top 2 and I'm not 2 bitch
Kenzo B
All Ima say is, this my last time responding to you bum ass bitches

Stop the act for the net
All you bitches ain't what y'all be claiming to be
Ya bitches know I was made for the streets
Them lil bitches gon die all like spinning on feet
That bitch a lil body I'll put her to sleep
I don't need a knocka bet her ass getting beat
Got the scalp when I see her I hope she got energy
I'm tryna fix up her teeth like
Fuck is wrong, I'm tryna link up in person
But these bitches love writing songs
I'm like fuck it let's do it

Hope they know shit get deeper then music
But how they gon keep confusing a bitch talking facts
With a cappin lil bitch who just rap
And when bitches run into me bet them bitches ain't on shit
Tell lil Shani put it on her tat
When she see me she throwin that shit
Bitches be flashing the knocks for the vid
And that's how I could tell they ain't blowing that shit
So it's over, that bitch ain't tough she was only a holster
Don't even wanna boom her but she talking to hot
So I can't promise that I won't poke her
And I could speak on the dead but I don't wanna smoke on her mans
Cause the way he went out he a floater
Show me you ku, when you see me you know what to do
You can't speak on no nigga who love me to death
You just chatting bout shit you see on the tube
Fuck it let's all do this shit for the views
Cause I heard you got fucked on the top of the stu
How you gon speak on the pussy I popped in the crib
And you throwing it back on the roof
Are you dumb, bitches be fanned out
They ain't dangerous, they just dissing and hoping they make it
Top 2 but she was number 2
I could tell she was tight but shawty tried to fake it
Real ass bitch you can smell it in my fragrance
I'm too lit so them bitches can't stand me
I pop my shit and I'm takin that risk
I'll be damned if I trip bout a bitch lookin manly

How the fuck you dropping my jet and when you see my jet you show mad respect
You bitches is dead butt

Fuck all the politicing onna gram
I'm tired of playing games
Speaking on shit that you did at 15
Bitch so come and show me that ya body the same
Y'all know the vibes, ya drop a diss and before I respond
I be posted outside, Ya never slide
Stop acting crazy cause I know you bitches ain't ready to die
And I seen Murda get it she can't
So imagine she run into me
That bitch better have chop for the shit that she rant
If she don't hope that she fast on feet
Clown, better not run cause I'm flocking you down
I call up B and yk she the hound
When we spinnin on shit bitches never around
And I bet she gon click till that bitch hit the ground
Dead on arrival
Dissing me them bitches suicidal
How bitches switch and forget just a year ago
Bitches was ridin my dick for a title
And a feature catch lil...on bro bleach her
Say she a demon but ion believe her
She a kid I got a chop put it down turn around
And thats word to my deads i'll beat her
Do not run into me with a baby I don't wanna hear no excuses
I do not speak on the shit that I know but ya bitches is hoes
Ya was never exclusive
Come and show me ya bitches is ruthless
Like ya bitches ain't showin me nothin
If bitches don't spin after this I ain't jackin no dissin
Cause them bitches really be frontin
And ya bitches tight
Everyone linkin for videos don't wanna link up to fight
But it's alright
Don't wanna link in the send ya addy I pull up at night
And I keep me a stick they talking bout a knife
Bitches know I'm a tweak
Think she a glitch we send her to the light
And that bitch better duck when she run into me
Y'all bitches better not make a song back
Because I'm not listenin to it


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