Bare Bones (lyrics) Decolorize - LYRICS

Bare Bones (lyrics) Decolorize - LYRICS

LYRICS Bare Bones - Decolorize 

lyrics of the song Bare Bones - Decolorize

Bare Bones (lyrics) 

Take me for what i am
A spark without  a flame
A piece of paper without the ink
A blank canvas that has nothing to give

Breathe in so I can breathe you out

I thought I saw your ghost
In  the corner of my eyes
But it was just a hallucination
Replaying in my head
A broken summer a love that's been left for dead
I'm destroying myself with everything that's been left unsaid
You made your home in my heart built by glass
Taken too soon I wish I could go back to spend every second holding your hand

Is it me or is something missing
As these candles fade with your light
That brought warmth to my body

In the rain
I'm trying to remember what the flowers smell like but all I get is this wet scent of grey
With daylight painted in black and white
I'm forcing memories that don't stay
With punishments I've left on my skin
They crawl deeper and deeper
I've come to the point where I cant trust myself

I'm falling apart I'm falling apart
And I cant help but say this
I'm falling apart I'm falling apart
And I cant help but say this

I'm falling apart and I cant help but say this
Memorizing the parts where we fit in each others arms
You left me here while i was waiting
Staring at falling leaves with time fading
Frozen by the beauty of all thats failing
Hypnotized by piercing eyes
You left in moments of fear as I was changing


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