Lust (Lyrics) Searching For Closure

Lust (Lyrics) Searching For Closure

Lyrics Lust - Searching For Closure

lyrics of the song Lust - Searching For Closure

Verse 1: 
I’m analyzing every little breath you take 
Watching you through the glass 
Of your bedroom window 
You see me standing over there 
I’m trampling up your flower bed 
But you don’t tell me to go 
Blow a kiss, can’t resist 
You’ve got your lasso 
Wrapped around my neck 
Like a noose filled with regret 
Let’s spend tonight together 
You don’t have to stay forever 
Like a match in the dark 
We’ll fan the flames from a spark 

Pre-Chorus 1: 
Don’t take too long 
Because this love won’t pass tonight 

The slightest touch of your skin 
Leaves me defenseless 
Feels like I’ve slipped through the ice 
I cannot swim no 
We’re walking on a sheet of broken glass 
We both know that this lust won’t last 

Verse 2: 
I’m waking up 
Trying to do this again 
But I’ll fuck it up 
The story always ends the same 
Blow a kiss can’t resist 
You’ve got me crashing 
Burning to the ground 
While you still wear a smile 

Pre-chorus 2: 
Tell me I’m wrong 
Because we’re running out of time 

I feel you in my chest 
No mile brings it space 
The feeling I breathe 
Is you in and out  
With lasting taste 
In my lungs


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